Upcoming events

NanoMEGAS-Protochips workshop in Amiens

A new specialized workshop on nm scale orientation and phase mapping as well as liquid cell electrochemistry TEM will be held at the University of Picardy Jules Verne in Amiens, France, co-organized by both NanoMEGAS and Protochips. This exciting workshop is truly unique and there has not been an event similar to this before! It will start on Monday, May 27th until Wednesday, May 29th. 

Participants shall learn about the potentials of liquid cell TEM imaging with a special focus on Poseidon EC experiments, as well as possibilities to perform nm scale orientation and phase mapping in various materials (metals, alloys, nanoparticles, battery related samples, minerals). During the workshop we will demonstrate an electrochemistry in-situ LCTEM experiment and also in-situ orientation/phase maps in liquid cells. Participants will learn to extract useful texture information from orientation/phase maps and better understand liquid cell concept and applications.

To take part in the event, click here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/protochips-nanomegas-workshop-at-u-picardie-amiens-fr-tickets-59008062704

EMAT - Workshop on Transmission Electron Microscopy

A complete training on HRTEM and TEM spectroscopy focused on hands-on experience.

A state-of-the-art training in Transmission Electron Microscopy at the highest level is provided. Lectures will be given by staff members of the EMAT research group and special topics are covered by guest lecturers. The main focus of the workshop is to provide practical experience with a broad range of TEM instruments. We offer the choice between 3 different modules, “High resolution TEM” , “TEM Spectroscopy” and “In situ TEM”, preceded by a workshop on “Basic TEM”.

From June 11 until June 21. More info: http://ematworkshop.uantwerpen.be/information/

Conventional and Counting EELS spectroscopy school

The Conventional and Counting EELS spectrocopy school is an intensive 4-day training school that incorporates lectures, computer laboratories, and microscope practicals to provide participants with comprehensive, hands-on training on key EELS topics and technology. The practical lessons will be made at the new Beyond-Nano Sub-Ångstom Lab on integrated JEOL GIF/EELS systems. Thanks to the Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) nowadays we can reveals details of natural and man-made structures even at sub-nanometer scale. Electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS) is the ideal analytical tools to the high spatial resolution provided by TEM in both the conventional and scanned (STEM) imaging modes.

Catania, 22th-25th July. More info on the Beyond Nano website