JRA1: development of advanced TEM techniques and methodologies

Imaging, Diffraction and Metrology, Spectroscopy, and In-situ TEM

JRA1 is structured towards the joint development of TEM techniques and methodologies.

Imaging, diffraction and metrology are key tools that enable quantitative measurements of material structures at atomic spatial resolution. In WP4 we will develop advanced electron imaging and diffraction methods that can deliver high-precision quantitative measurements of the structure of materials while carefully controlling the irradiating dose. Within WP5 spectroscopies in TEM will be used to probe electronic, chemical and optical properties of materials below nanometre spatial resolution. The objective of WP6 is to develop consistent advanced in-situ TEM experiments to obtain precise and quantitative information on structural and compositional changes “in operando”, at industrially relevant conditions under various external stimuli, and/or in different environments.