Partners Projects

ESTEEM3 has built strong partnerships with other Horizon 2020 projects related to Electron Microscopy in order to strengthen knowledge transfer and synergies. 

EUSMI - European Soft Matter Infrastructure

The main objective of the EUSMI project is to provide an interdisciplinary infrastructure for soft matter research to support about 300 advanced projects in four years. The strategy is to put the needs of the individual soft matter scientist at the centre of EUSMI activities by providing cutting edge, specialized infrastructures that are not available within single institutions or even at the R&D centres of multinationals. The consortium gathers 23 partners from 12 countries. 

EUSMI Website

Q-SORT - the Quantum Sorter

The Q-SORT project introduces a concept whereby the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) is employed as a so-called Quantum Sorter (hence the project's name), i.e. a device that is able to pick out and display detailed information about electron quantum states. In turn, this provides researchers with new information about the sample being examined.

Q-SORT Website

TEESMAT - the Open innovation Test bed for Electrochemical Energy Storage MATerials

The aim of the TEESMAT project is to set-up a platform (or OITB) dedicated to material characterization for Li-ion batteries, Na-ion batteries, Li all-solid batteries, Printed Zn / Li batteries, Lead-acid batteries, Metal air batteries, Redox flow batteries, Supercapacitors and any kind of other electrochemical energy storage device.