To support the widest possible service provision across Europe to the broadest range of scientists, not only TEM experts from academia and industry but also scientists who are not familiar with TEM, coordinated TA activities will be delivered by the consortium, without restrictions due to boundaries or financial constraints.

The ESTEEM3 infrastructure is distributed across Europe and will offer easy access to world leading TEM equipment to the whole EU community. Each partner involved in TA is able to provide leading scientific, technical and logistic support to new users.

All TA providers have expert scientific and technical staff responsible for the operation of each installation. These staff will support TA users and also act as a local point of contact for logistic queries. The scientific environment provided at each infrastructure represents state-of-the-art TEM instrumentation, as described below. Importantly, this level of instrumentation is not commonly available in single laboratories outside the consortium. All TA providers routinely support external users.

Map of TA Providers: 

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