Integration and Sustainability

ESTEEM3 supports the integration of the consortium and reinforce the links between the ESTEEM 3 members and the users.

A specific Work Package involving all partners is focused on increasing the quality and integration of the Transnational Access (TA) service provided by the consortium. The ESTEEM3 consortium will develop access models that provide a long-term mechanism for access to a future Research Infrastructure service. In this way, ESTEEM3 will become the single entry point for academic and industrial users in TEM to the European Research Area. Moreover, since it is of utmost importance that each partner providing the TA delivers high-end expertise and skilled staff, an important objective of this Work Package is to enable internal exchange and training of staff in essential topics relevant to TA in order to make the consortium more integrated and knowledgeable in a variety of TEM techniques. Finally, the activity will define a viable legal structure for a future European Electron Microscopy Research Infrastructure in terms of sustainability and will define an innovation and impact strategy for advanced TEM.

This mobilisation of a large number of stakeholders in different fields of electron microscopy has the potential to create significant scientific and industrial added-value