ESTEEM3 Innovation Strategy Workshop

05/12/2022 | Events

ESTEEM3 Innovation Strategy Workshop

ESTEEM3 Innovation Strategy Workshop flyer
ESTEEM3 Innovation Strategy Workshop flyer

ESTEEM3 organises an online workshop entitled “Innovation Strategy” on Wednesday 18 January 2023, from 09:00 - 12:30 (CET). Free registration here!


ESTEEM3 organises an online workshop entitled “Innovation Strategy” on Wednesday 18 January 2023, from 09:00 - 12:30 (CET).

This online workshop aims to bring together electron microscopy communities to define an innovation strategy and capture new ideas for future developments in TEM.

A focus will be done on necessary developments of TEM to support industrial and academic needs (user needs) and instrument development.

Participants can expect to find out information about new technologies, products, services, instrumentation, and access visibility of opportunities for R&D collaborations.

A white paper on an innovation strategy will be published for distribution to research institutions, industry, and policy makers based on the discussions and debates collected during this workshop.


This workshop is targeting all industry professionals, researchers, and policy makers interested in innovation in, including:

  • Research Organizations operating European Research Infrastructure (RI) or interested in RI data and services
  • TEM manufacturers and private companies offering scientific instrumentation or services in the field of electron microscopy
  • Industrial End-Users looking for new technologies/services
  • Electron microscopy Networks interested in enhancing their monitoring capacities
  • Policy-makers including representatives from funding agencies and other responsible bodies, interested in enhancing their capacity to inform, monitor and report on national and international microscopy directives


This workshop will be divided into three sessions, as follows: 

  • Session 1 - "Electron microscopy (big and small) data analysis with the Open Source software & Open Source community” 
  • Session 2 - “How companies become engaged with Research Infrastructures?”
  • Session 3 - "SME Involvement/Challenge and Key Aspects for advanced technology Procurement"

Among the speakers, a full diversity of experts coming from the academic and the industry will present and debate around the different sessions.

After each session, a Question & Answer session will also be proposed to the participants.


Full programme (Download in PDF) [PDF, 206.22 KB, not barrierefree]