ESTEEM3 Postdoc offer at Cadiz University

14/02/2023 | Job positions

ESTEEM3 Postdoc offer at Cadiz University

University of Cádiz
University of Cádiz

Cadiz University has opened a Postdoc offer at the Structure and Chemistry of Nanomaterials Group.

A postdoc position has opened at Cadiz University. Post doc researcher contract (1year)

Research Project :

TED2021-130191B-C44 Renewable Energy to Chemicals Mediated by H2O Splitting Coupling with CO2 Capture & Conversion


Required Profile :

PhD in Science (Chemistry, Physics, Material Science)
Minimum 1 years of postdoctoral experience in the use of aberration corrected Analytical STEM techniques, particularly STEM-XEDS, for the compositional analysis of nanostructured materials.

Affinity criteria :

The following items will be considered:
 Experience in the use of TITAN Themis and TALOS Microscopes
 Experience in the use of spectroscopic techniques as X-EDS and EELS
 Experience in the use of electron tomography for materials characterization
 Experience in the use of software as MATLAB, Python etc…
 Participation in research projects directly related with transmission electron microscopy.

Foreseen activities:

 Aberration corrected electron microscopy
 TEM sample preparation
 Acquisition of HREM, HAADF images
 Acquisition of Electron tomography image and spectroscopic tilt series
 Materials characterization using EDS and EELS
 Analysis and interpretation of experimental data (images and spectra)
 Results reports edition and presentation of the obtained results in different forums such as Project meetings, congresses or paper

Application procedure

To candidate, contact Dr Susana Trasobares :

Application period from 14th to 24th February 2023