ESTEEM3 Newsletter #3 - October 2020 Edition

14/10/2020 | General

ESTEEM3 Newsletter #3 - October 2020 Edition

ESTEEM3 Newsletter
ESTEEM3 Newsletter

The 3rd Edition of the biannual ESTEEM3 Newsletter was released on 14 October 2020. Find out about the key updates about the project over the last 6 months! 


The October 2020 issue of the ESTEEM3 newsletter focuses on: 

  • News about the project: 
    • The 6 months extension granted by the European Commission in the context of COVID-19
    • The submission of first periodic report and key achievements over the first 18 months of the projects
  • Transnational Access: 
    • Success Stories 
  • Meet the team! 
    • Interview of Prof. Sara Bals from EMAT, University of Antwerp 
  • Events
    • Quantitative Electron Microscopy 2021 - School of TEM Quantitative Techniques
  • Job positions 

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