[Postponed] Quantitative Electron Microscopy 2021 - School of TEM Quantitative Techniques

15/07/2020 | Workshops

[Postponed] Quantitative Electron Microscopy 2021 - School of TEM Quantitative Techniques

QEM 2021
QEM 2021

Due to the COVID-19, the 5th edition of the Quantitative Electron Microscopy School 2021 scheduled for 9 to 21 May 2021 is postponed to 2022 (To be confirmed). 

[Event postponed to 2022. More information soon!]

About QEM

QEM - Quantitative Electron Microscopy - is an international event dedicated to advanced techniques and quantitative measurements in Transmission Electron Microscopy. It covers theoretical and practical aspects of most of the investigation techniques available in electron microscopy together with their recent developments. 

Each aspect is covered through lectures, "pen and paper" works, practical sessions on microscopes and computer lab sessions. Round tables are also organized as lively debates in order to optimize the interaction of participants with the worldwide experts contributing to the school.

QEM 2021

The programme is still under construction! Nonetheless, more than 20 lectures are foreseen during QEM 2021. The scientific programme will give an exhaustive overview of last TEM developments. More information soon on the ESTEEM3 website. 

This event is devoted to confirmed electron microscopists and the amount of places is limited for comfort in front of the microscopes. Therefore a background (theoretical or experimental) is required to attend.

Registration and key dates

  • 15 July 2020 : Opening of Pre-Registration > HERE
  • 31 Dec. 2020 : Closing of Pre-Registration
  • January 2021 : Selection of elligible students
  • February 2021 : Final Registration
  • 9th May 2021 : QEM  Starts

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QEM 2021 - Lectures