Post-Doc Position in Analytical Scanning-Transmission Electron Microscopy.

09/01/2020 | Job positions

Post-Doc Position in Analytical Scanning-Transmission Electron Microscopy.

Post-Doc offer at Cadiz University
Post-doc position - Cadiz University

In the framework of ESTEEM3, a Post-Doc position in Analytical Scanning-Transmission Electron Microscopy is currently open for applications at Cadiz University. 

The position is opened to candidates with a strong background in the use of Analytical STEM techniques, particularlySTEM-XEDS, for the composition alanalysis of nanostructured materials. Experience in the use of Aberration-Corrected microscopes will also be considered.

The candidate will join the Structure and Chemistry of Nanomaterials Group at the University of Cádiz ( and will work in the framework of the ESTEEM3 European Project (

We expect the candidate to focus on the implementation of quantitative techniques (QHR-HAADF, zeta-factor methods in XEDS) to improve the accuracy/precision in the analysis of oxide-type materials as well as nanomaterials involving light elements.

Experiments combining HAADF tomography with analytical techniques will also be part of the work. So, experience in these techniques is also welcome. We also intend to improve, at least at qualitative level, the 3D analysis of nanomaterials using Analytical Electron Tomography techniques.

For further information, please contact Susana Trasobares:

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