TA users presentations during the ESTEEM3 Final event : Elisa Zanchi

07/06/2023 | Success Stories

TA users presentations during the ESTEEM3 Final event : Elisa Zanchi

Elisa Zanchi
Elisa Zanchi

In her presentation titled "Advanced microscopy characterization of innovative ceramic coatings for hydrogen technologies," PhD. Elisa Zanchi delved into the realm of ceramic coatings and their application in hydrogen technologies.

The primary focus of her research was to explore the potential of these coatings in enhancing the performance and durability of Solid Oxide Cell (SOC) devices, thereby advancing hydrogen technologies.

Elisa Zanchi's presentation started with an introduction to the significance of ceramic coatings in hydrogen technologies and the challenges associated with their development. She highlighted the importance of advanced microscopy characterization techniques in gaining a deeper understanding of the coatings' structure, composition, and degradation mechanisms.

The core objective of Elisa Zanchi's research was to provide an in-depth characterization of innovative ceramic coatings, with a particular emphasis on Mn-Co dual spinel structures. These coatings were subjected to stack tests under relevant conditions to simulate real-world operating environments. Through advanced microscopy techniques, Zanchi aimed to unravel the oxide scale evolution and degradation phenomena occurring in the coatings.

During her presentation, Elisa Zanchi shared the key findings and insights obtained from the CeramECS project. These included:

  1. A comprehensive characterization of the Mn-Co dual spinel structure and its evolution after stack tests at relevant conditions. This analysis provided valuable insights into the performance and stability of the coatings in hydrogen technologies.
  2. An assessment of the synergistic effect resulting from the addition of Fe-Cu into the Mn-Co spinel structure. This investigation shed light on the role of alloying elements in enhancing the properties of ceramic coatings and their impact on SOC device performance.
  3. Improved understanding of coating degradation phenomena, which is crucial for identifying potential failure mechanisms and developing strategies to mitigate degradation and improve durability.

The results and publications stemming from the CeramECS project contributed significantly to the field of ceramic coatings for hydrogen technologies. The research conducted by Zanchi and her team provided crucial insights into the optimization of SOC devices, aiming to boost the performance and durability of hydrogen technologies.

Furthermore, Elisa Zanchi emphasized the pivotal role played by the Transnational Access provided by the ESTEEM3 Project. This access not only facilitated fruitful networking among researchers and institutions but also strengthened the collaboration between AGH University of Science and Technology and Politecnico di Torino (POLITO). It enabled valuable training on Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) characterization techniques, enhancing the researchers' skill set and contributing to their professional development.

In conclusion, Elisa Zanchi's presentation on "Advanced microscopy characterization of innovative ceramic coatings for hydrogen technologies" unveiled important advancements in the field. The insights gained from her research provide a foundation for improving the performance, durability, and efficiency of Solid Oxide Cell devices and propelling the development of hydrogen technologies. Through the ESTEEM3 Project, Zanchi and her team were able to leverage the Transnational Access, fostering collaboration, training, and the dissemination of their findings through high-impact journal publications.

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