Postdoctoral position at CEMES-CNRS: Advanced electron holography of nano fields

27/05/2020 | Job positions

Postdoctoral position at CEMES-CNRS: Advanced electron holography of nano fields


In the context of ESTEEM3, a Postdoctoral position is available at CEMES-CNRS, one of the project's partner, on "Advanced electron holography of nano fields". The contract is initially of 12 months, but is extendable to 36 months (3 years).


CEMES-CNRS is looking for a creative postdoctoral research scientist to join the team working on the development of electron holography (I3EM group). The successful candidate could contribute to several areas:

  • In-situ and operando electron holography. In particular, magnetic switching, electrical biasing and mechanical straining experiments on nanostructures and devices
  • Extreme sensitivity measurements of electric, magnetic and strain fields through automation
  • Novel interference experiments exploiting the double-stage of the I2TEM microscope and pre-specimen biprism to create structured and split-beam illumination
  • Time-resolved electron holography in the nanosecond or femtosecond regime.

Part of the successful candidate's duties will be to accompany external users with electron holography experiments within the European infrastructure for electron microscopy (ESTEEM3 project) and the national METSA and MIMETIS projects.

The initial contract of 12 months is extendable to 36 months (3 years). Starting date flexible.


The main activities will be to:

  • Perform (in-situ) electron holography experiments
  • Develop novel forms of electron interferometry
  • Study the nanoscale physics of thin films and devices
  • Accompany external users in TEM experiments


CEMES-CNRS is looking for a candidate experienced in electron holography and interested in developing novel interferometry experiments with electrons. Candidates skilled in quantitative electron microscopy imaging techniques (preferably in parallel illumination conditions) and willing to learn will be also considered. Knowledge of the physics of magnetism and/or ferroelectrics and/or microelectronics devices is a definite plus. The successful candidate should have good team spirit, dedicated work ethic and fluent in written and spoken English.

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