26/07/2023 | Events

Webinar: Liquid-cell Transmission Electron Microscopy


If you couldn't attend the live webinar on Liquid-cell Transmission Electron Microscopy (LC-TEM) featuring Dr. Sorour Semsari Parapari, we have great news for you! The webinar was held on 26.06.2023 and offered valuable insights into the cutting-edge technique of LC-TEM and its electrochemical applications.

Webinar : Liquid-cell Transmission Electron Microscopy [MP4, 100.73 MB, not barrierefree]

21/06/2023 | Events

Webinar : Liquid-cell Transmission Electron Microscopy (From Basics to Electrochemical Applications)


LJU will be present at an exciting webinar on Liquid-cell Transmission Electron Microscopy: From Basics to Electrochemical Applications!

20/06/2023 | Success Stories

TA users presentations during the ESTEEM3 Final event : Sean Collins

Sean Collins
Sean Collins

During the ESTEEM3 Final Infoday, Dr. S.M. Collins delivered a presentation titled "Hybrid composites for bright and stable light emission," which explored the development of hybrid composites for achieving enhanced and stable light emission. His research focused on addressing various challenges associated with the use of these composites in Light-Harvesting Perovskites (LHPs).

Sean Collins presentation [PPTX, 24.62 MB, not barrierefree]

09/06/2023 | Events

ESTEEM3 Final Video.
ESTEEM3 Final video

ESTEEM3 Final video has been published on the ESTEEM3 website!

This video highlights the main achievements of the project and was for the first time displayed at the ESTEEM3 Final Infoday which took day on 31th May 2023.

07/06/2023 | Success Stories

TA users presentations during the ESTEEM3 Final event : Elisa Zanchi

Elisa Zanchi
Elisa Zanchi

In her presentation titled "Advanced microscopy characterization of innovative ceramic coatings for hydrogen technologies," PhD. Elisa Zanchi delved into the realm of ceramic coatings and their application in hydrogen technologies.

Elisa Zanchi's presentation [PPTX, 13.41 MB, not barrierefree]

06/06/2023 | Success Stories

TA users presentations during the ESTEEM3 Final event : Piotr Wozniak

Piotr Wozniak
Piotr Wozniak

In his presentation titled "Nano-gold on hierarchically structured gadolinium-doped ceria as an active oxidation catalyst: synergistic effect of chemical composition and structural hierarchy," PhD. Piotr Woźniak delved into the fascinating world of catalysis and its application in propane oxidation.

Piotr Wozniak's presentation [PPTX, 13.28 MB, not barrierefree]

02/06/2023 | Events

ESTEEM3 Final event

ESTEEM3 Final Event
ESTEEM3 Final Event

The  Final Infoday of the ESTEEM3 project was held on May 31, 2023 in Paris, France

Partners of ESTEEM3, members of ESTEEM3 External Advisory Board, TNA Users as well as external participants coming from academica and industry convened either in person at the Loft des Écluses in Paris or remotely via Teams to learn more about the project's significant achievements.

31/05/2023 | Events

Live Update: The ESTEEM3 Final Event is in full swing, showcasing the remarkable contributions of the EU-funded project to the field of Electron Microscopy!

The ESTEEM3 Final Event
The ESTEEM3 Final Event

✨ Join us remotely and immerse yourself in an extraordinary opportunity to explore groundbreaking research and discoveries in electron microscopy and materials science. Don't miss this chance to connect with the brightest minds in the field and stay up-to-date with the latest developments!

Agenda [PDF, 660.13 KB, not barrierefree]

29/05/2023 | Events

ESTEEM3 Final Event is taking place this week!


Join us for the ESTEEM3 Final Infoday, as we conclude this remarkable project.

The project consortium cordially invites you to attend the event on Wednesday, 31st May 2023, from 09:00 to 16:00 CEST. You have the option to join us in person at the Loft des Écluses, located at 159 Quai de Valmy in Paris, or participate remotely via Teams. Secure your spot by registering here!

Agenda - ESTEEM3 Final event [PDF, 660.13 KB, not barrierefree]

26/05/2023 | Interviews

ESTEEM3 interviews : Miran CEH from Jožef Stefan Institute.

Miran CEH
Miran CEH

Miran CEH is the head of the Center for Electron Microscopy at Jozef Stefan Institute. Within ESTEEM3 project, he is the leader of the workpackages 1, 2 and 3.

In this interview, Miran CEH will explain his background, his role, and his views about ESTEEM3.